STIGAMMA - This is the project that any cryptocurrency user needs.

What for?

STIGAMMA - is an opportunity to multiply and protect your capital!


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How it works

To understand what we are implementing, here are the comics for you:

The STIGAMMA platform allows you to do the same, but not with a friend or acquaintance, but with a completely unknown person, thereby increasing the circle of those who are ready to argue about what the price of a cryptoactive asset will be after a certain period of time.

If you are confident in your forecast, if you want to insure your positions, or if you just want to test your guesses, STIGAMMA is for you!

How to work with us?

Here are the articles:



Guide for working hedgers with the STIGAMMA



Manual for the work of traders with the platform STIGAMMA


Crypto loans

Do you take or give loans in cryptocurrency? Here is your guide


The rest

You do not belong to the listed? You can learn the general rules.

What is done??

STIGAMMA - is a high availability project

Creation, verification, audit of the token ERC20 - DCA

Creating a personal account of the Platform for instant sharing of the DCA / ETH token

Creating MVP option trading platform

Placement of DCA token on cryptocurrency exchanges

Сreating a demo version (gaming version) of the options trading platform

Development of the options trading platform

Our team

Dmitry Shikhalev

CEO & Founder

CEO Founder Option Trader

Igor Titov

Lead Project developer

Programmer GO

Maxim Krokhalev

Platform developer

Programmer С# JS

Ilya Komar

Platform developer

Programmer GO

Vladislav Cheranev


adviser investor

Vitaliy Jirnov


adviser investor

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